Tips For Making A Great Impression With A Clean Office Lobby

Your office lobby is the first place clients see when they step into the building. If it’s not appealing, the chances of you getting them to sign a contract are minimal.

The lobby in your office needs to exude class, elegance, and professionalism is. So, here are a few tips that will help you make a great first impression among clients who step into the lobby area.

Get Rid Of Bad Odors

When a ventilation system isn’t cleaned, unpleasant odors start to spread in the office space. This is due to contaminants that build up in the air vents and are circulated all day.

What’s worse, this can trigger allergies among employees, as well as respiratory health disorders. Reach out to a professional commercial cleaning agency to purify the air in the vent system for a fresh smelling lobby area.

Clean Up Lobby Floors

Lobbies are some of the busiest places in a building, as people are continuously walking in and out. This means germ and bacteria accumulation is very common, especially on the floor.

People bring all sorts of germs and bacteria with their shoes. The carpet may be very filthy as well due to this. Make sure cleaning regimens are followed to ensure the lobby floor stays sparkling clean.

Furniture Clean Up

Lobbies are used as a waiting area for many people. This means the furniture is likely full of filth, stains, grime, and debris. With the help of the right cleaning agents, lobby furniture can be cleaned on a regular basis.

Remove stains from sofas with a power wash and wipe down dirty tabletops with disinfectants. Make sure to carry out the cleaning when the area is not busy. Hire a professional commercial cleaning service for this purpose to ensure a job well done.

Glass Clean Up

Smudgy glass tabletops, windows, mirrors, etc., are all turn-offs. People also want the lobby to be bright and airy, and smears block light. Ask the cleaning pros to clean all windows and glass carefully, without leaving a spot.

Hire a professional window cleaning service such as Service Pro for a deep window clean. We utilize the latest cleaning equipment and products. Make a great first impression on your clients by contacting us today.

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