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When you consider most office space contains more illness-causing germs, such a rhinoviruses and stomach bugs than the typical bathroom toilet, it is of little wonder that studies have found a significant correlation between commercial cleanliness and annual employee sick-day usage. Just a little bit of math and anyone can see how improperly cleaned offices, stores or warehouses might effect any company’s ability to maintain productivity and keep up with customer demand. If you are like most businesses, your office or your storefront are the first and most important impression you can make on new and returning customers. While you work hard to maintain the services you provide to your customers, delivering the highest quality, there is a good chance that the state of your storefront’s cleanliness is sending them just the opposite impression. This is where commercial cleaning in Calgary can assist If you are seeing some of these symptoms in your own work space, then maybe it’s time to look for just the right kind of office cleaning services. If this news regarding the correlation between office cleanliness and employee health, and its impact on the health of your business isn’t disturbing enough, consider how commercial cleaning in Calgary’s booming economic climate might provide you with an edge over your competitors, whose clean floors and the sunlight shining, unobstructed through the windows—providing that nice clean, natural atmosphere—is attracting your customers away from your business. You may indeed provide the best service and meet your customer’s expectations consistently—but new customers are less likely to stay and find out if, by all outward appearances, your business is sloppy or unkempt. This is why it is so important to find top-notch commercial cleaning in Calgary. Could your business stand a little tidying up? When was the last time your office floor received the purifying benefits of a deep carpet steam cleaning? Perhaps your business could use these types office cleaning services. Maybe the sales floor could use a good strip and wax, or the warehouse might need swept and cleared of debris and obstructions. This goes a long way to improve your employee’s safety while generating that shine and confidence your customers will love visiting. What about dusty shelves or the smudged windows? Are these things impacting your bottom line—robbing your customer’s confidence in your product and, as a consequence, your profitability? Commercial cleaning in Calgary offers the highest quality of office cleaning services that can provide the proper remedy to any of your commercial cleaning needs: such as office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, retail store cleaning, and even the high standard required of medical facility cleaning is available to those whose business may need professional, thorough cleaning services in Calgary. If your employees who are healthy and proud to work in your shop are providing the best customer service in a clean and orderly environment, you are doing you and your business a service when you accept nothing but the highest standard when it comes to office cleaning. Make an impression. Motivate employees. Maintain a clean work environment and see for yourself some of the benefits of maintaining a clean office, store or warehouse.

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