Restroom disinfection services

Restroom Disinfection Services

The biggest cleaning and maintenance concern of buildings is almost always the restrooms. Now, in the age of Covid-19, that concern has only been magnified. Unsanitary restrooms can lead to the rapid spread of bacteria and viruses throughout the facility, infecting surfaces and people at alarming rates. Whether you’re in a office, a hospital, a factory or a school, everyone wants to use a clean restroom.

Rest assured that our Service pro Inc. team has been working non-stop to provide customers with professional restroom disinfection services, regardless of the type of facility. We use specialized, high-efficiency equipment to disinfect all of those restroom touchpoints, including paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, toilet handles, partition walls, sinks, toilets and urinals.

We use EPA-approved disinfectants and follow CDC-approved guidelines. Just as important as the chemicals and equipment, our ISSA CIMS-GB CERTIFIED processes make sure that our technicians don’t skip steps in making sure that your facilities are properly disinfected.

The Service Pro Inc & Difference In Restroom Disinfection Services

  • Use of EPA approved disinfectants.
  • We follow all CDC disinfection guidelines to minimize and eliminate the spread of disease.
  • In addition to fogging and misting, we carefully wipe down all surfaces. The EPA believes that fogging and misting methods of application of disinfectant may not be adequate on their own. Here is a link to the EPA Ruling.
  • Use of color-coded microfiber wiping clothes to ensure cross contamination does not occur. 
  • We have systems in place for reasonable assurances that the technicians administering the disinfection services are healthy and not carriers of the germs that they are disinfecting.
  • All crew members use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for protection from the environment they are working in, from the disinfecting chemicals being used to the germs being disinfected.  

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