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Why industrial choose us

Industrial cleaning companies in Calgary are contracted out individuals, businesses or corporations to clean a variety of places and spaces, including shops, high –rise buildings, offices, restaurants, factories, warehouses, call centres and schools. Larger companies will be able to handle larger contracts including government facilities, hospitals and other medical facilities and airports. When interviewing a potential industrial cleaning company in Calgary, ask detailed questions.

Here are some that you may want to start with:

  • How many workers do you have? How many people will be working on site for this space?
  • Are your workers bonded? Have they undergone a criminal record check?
  • What is the cost for the service? Are the rates hourly or per job?
  • What if a member of your team is ill or absent?
  • Do you provide consumable products, such as paper towels, toilet tissue, soap and trash bags? What about cleaning solutions?
  • What kinds of cleaning methods does your team use?
  • Are the cleaning products environmentally friendly and comply with all the guidelines?
  • What is the cleaning process? Do you do general cleaning, exteriors or interiors, or both? Will you do floors, walls, suspended ceilings, lighting, furniture and windows? What is the order in which you will do them?
  • How do you clean washrooms, kitchens, dining and food handling areas? What about electronic equipment like telephones, IT, computers and offices?
  • How do you keep your workers safe?
  • Are your employees Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WCB) insured?
  • Have the workers received WHMIS training?

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