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Bespoke janitorial services for places of worship:

Service Pro Inc understands just how much it is essential to look after religious sanctuaries which are nothing less than strongholds of faith for believers. We are a team of experienced cleaning experts who know the nitty-gritty of adequately handling the cleaning services of churches and all other places of worship.


Maintain cleanliness of your holy place:

Churches, temples, mosques, and sanctuaries need to be kept spick and span because of the religious importance and the continuous influx of visitors. Service Pro Inc takes care of the cleaning aspects of holy places to give them a bright, neat outlook.

Versatile services:

Our commercial cleaning professionals are expert in providing bespoke church cleaning solutions which include:

  • Church pew cleaning
  • Sanctuary cleaning
  • Children’s area cleaning
  • After events area cleaning
  • Overall cleanliness of the facility
  • Disinfection and use of useful microfiber cloths.

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Full commercial cleaning service since 2017 in Alberta Canada. Service Pro Inc is the leading cleaning company which is catering to the needs of several businesses all over Alberta.

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