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Comprehensive Facility Disinfection

Service Pro Inc is here to help remove biohazard contaminants from your facility. We offer enhanced cleaning solutions that combine chemical fogging with disinfection and sanitation methods recommended by CDC guidelines.

Our comprehensive facility disinfection has 3 steps:

We will work directly with you to create a comprehensive, full-facility disinfection plan that ensures all touchpoints and critical areas of the facility are covered.

Utilizing an electric chemical fogging unit to spray atomized Spartan Chemical Super HDQL-10® particles, we will disinfect all non-sensitive, non-porous hard surfaces within normal reach throughout the facility. For areas of the facility where overspray is a concern (electronics, desks with papers, keyboards, etc), we will use a manual chemical dispensing device to minimize overspray. Service Pro inc will damp wipe all non-porous hard surfaces after the disinfectant has been applied and will leave an appropriate amount of clear-drying residue that allows

for proper chemical dwell time.

For the most prominent touchpoints that carry the highest risk of virus transmission, Service pro Inc will detail disinfect these areas by hand utilizing Spartan Chemical TB-Cide Quat®.

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