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Service Pro Inc is the leading cleaning company which is catering to the needs of several businesses all over Alberta. Availing Service Pro Inc’s cleaning services means that you get to enjoy the peace of mind from the pressing need of maintaining cleanliness at your workplace. We are a team of cleaning service professionals which put your needs and preferences above all-else and help you in creating a highly-impacting first impression on your customers. With Service Pro Inc, businesses get an opportunity to focus on their plan implementation and business development whilst we take care of their workplace cleanliness for them.


Our Company

Service Pro Inc is a commercial cleaning services company which has been servicing many businesses in Alberta, Canada since 2017. Led by Kushal Patel, the company works under the supervision of Samantha who coordinates with Operations Manager Kevin to deliver bespoke commercial cleaning solutions. .


Service Pro Inc has established in 2017. Despite such a short duration since its establishment, Service Pro Inc has been successful in satisfying dozens of clients all over Alberta. Our highly experienced staff is the secret to Service Pro Inc ’s massive success.


The owner of Service Pro Inc, Kushal Patel is well known in the world of commercial cleaning services because of the trust company’s clients place in the capabilities and experience of this man.


Service Pro Inc is the name of reliance

Service Pro Inc is the name of reliance, professionalism, and impeccable service quality. We work precisely how you instruct us and make no compromise in delivering what we promise. Our cleaning methods are compliant with international cleaning standards, our staff is an epitome of professionalism, and our cleaning equipment is close to the green concept and safe to be used..


Our goal is to concentrate all our resources in the direction of excellent service quality. We believe in serving lesser clients to ensure service quality and effective resource usage.


Service Pro Inc is operating with a vision of a cleaner and the greener commercial world which stands spick and span in the eyes of the viewers. We believe in professional reliance and honesty which is why our staff delivers every service with sheer trustworthiness.


Condo Cleaning

service Pro Inc’s detail-oriented and hassle-free apartment and condo cleaning services are just what property managers need to cultivate peace of mind in their lives. Property managers adore us for the perfect cleaning services we offer.

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Daycare Cleaning

Service Pro Inc understands the importance of maintaining fair levels of cleanliness and sanitation inside educational institutes and daycare centers. Bagging a professional experience, Service Pro Inc’s cleaning staff is expert in handling cleaning matters of schools and daycare centers.

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Retail Store Cleaning

There is a lot of space to keep clean in a large shopping center and a number of areas that need to be properly maintained on a regular basis. Hiring a retail store cleaning service can ensure that the entire center is left welcoming and professionally cleaned.

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Medical Cleaning

Medical facility cleaning to user 100% disinfectant chemical Remove to viruses and bacteria .

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Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning, on the other hand, is more traditional. Apart from the waiting times to dry the carpet, you can benefit from low costs, milder cleaning, and better smells from your carpet.

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Office Cleaning

Every office has need to clean to save employee health and our procedure are different to cleaning industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Service Pro Inc is currently operating in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia Canada.
You can send us an email or contact us 403 389 4460 ext. 1 on our given numbers to get a cleaning quote..
Service Pro Inc is cautious in the selection of cleaning tools and material. All our cleaning material is safe for humans as well as for the environment. We use green cleaning tools and materials mostly.
Yes, we provide all cleaning equipment and tools. Service Pro Inc’s cleaning services come with following cleaning tools: Cleaning tools.
Green and toxic-free cleaning products
Microfiber cleaning cloth and tools
Commercial grade vacuum cleaners
Yes, we work on weekends. Service Pro Inc offers flexible cleaning slots which can adjust in compliance with your work schedule. You can pick from the day, evening, night or weekend cleaning slots.