Professional Gym Cleaning Services

Enjoy The Perks Of Service Customization:

  • Disinfection of fitness equipment, changing areas, and locker rooms
  • Disinfection of all the corners of your gymnasium
  • In-depth cleaning of restrooms, customer areas and break areas using a colored microfiber cloth.

Make Your Gym More Inviting:

Our gym cleaning services in Calgary and Edmonton quickly and efficiently eliminate the grime, sweat, and dirt from gym equipment, floors, locker rooms, and more. You can always count on Service Pro Inc. to deliver you professional cleaning solutions that make your premises clean and more inviting.

Cleaning Solutions For All Kinds Of Fitness Centers:

Whether you want cleaning services for weight rooms or looking for professional janitors for school gyms, Service Pro Inc will provide professional cleaning solutions in every case. We make your place more inviting to the visitors, so you can enjoy the peace of mind and focus on what is more important.

Other Janitorial Services

We Believe In Professional Reliance And Honesty Which Is Why Our Staff Delivers Every Service With Sheer Trustworthiness.

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