4 Carpet Cleaning Hacks For Post-Holiday Season Cleanup

Glimpses into celebrity homes have made carpets a must-have once again! However, over the holidays, holiday feasts, guests, and decorations can often leave your carpet dirty. That’s why cleaning services are most required after the holidays.

Let’s talk about some carpet cleaning hacks that will make your life easier!

Carpet Cleaning Hacks

1.      Remove Stains While They’re Still Fresh

With all the hustle and bustle of holiday activities, your carpets and rugs have likely met with an accident or two. Make sure you remove the stain while it’s still fresh before it sets and causes further issues.

Dealing with stained carpets in every room can be hassle; opt for a carpet cleaning service to make your life easier!

2.      Air Out The Bad Odor

Leftover odors from large meals, guest and children messes, babies, and their disposables (tissues, discarded napkin and dirty diapers) can cause your carpet to emit bad odor. The best way to get these out is to air all your carpets in fresh air—or you can call in a professional carpet cleaner.

3.      Use A Lint-Roller For Those Stubborn Fibers

Sometimes, your vacuum cleaner just can’t get rid of crumbs, hair strands, and other pesky little items lodged into the carpet fibers. The best solution is to use a lint-roller to get those stubborn particles out in no time.

4.      Always Dab, Never Blot

Always dab when cleaning a stain; blotting it can cause it to spread even further, or worse, discoloration. Pay attention to the direction you blot in; to lift the stain, make sure you’re pushing the pigments outward.

5.      Spritz Baking Soda To Freshen Your Carpet

Take a bottle of essential oil; add in some baking soda, and a fresh scent like citrus extract to create your own carpet refresher! Spray it over your carpet and watch the magic happen—your carpets will instantly smell fresh and pleasant.

On a side note, baking soda can also help absorb the smell caused by pet accidents. However, it’s a wise idea to consult with a professional to avoid further messes.

Professional Cleaning Services For All Your Cleaning Needs!

A clean and organized home is a sign of a healthy home. Ensuring a spot-free home makes a vast difference in your every day routine.

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