Service Pro- Mopping Our Way To Offer Best Cleaning Services In Alberta

“Cleanliness is Godliness” and as the saying goes, having a clean home or office is nearly as important as leaving that first immaculate impression. Cleaning is a word that seems like a task too simple. However, when the reality strikes, maximum find it tiresome and wastage of their valuable time in today’s busy life. Understanding this dilemma, Service Pro is a company that has come up with a solution offering the best cleaning services in Alberta. The cleaning company is home to a team of professionals who are steadfast towards maintaining cleanliness at your workplace while you can focus on your work without worrying about leaving a bad impression on your clients.

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Being in the industry for nearly two years and understanding the need and competition, we offer some of the best services that would spruce up your space in no time:

  • Condo Cleaning

We understand how important it is for property managers to have a peace of mind of living in a squeaky clean apartment. Hence our attention to detail company motto and uncomplicated condo cleaning services will make you love your living space.

  • Daycare Cleaning

Where there are children, having a hoard of mess is unavoidable. Also, maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness since there would be kids around in equally imperative. Offering best cleaning services in Alberta, Our team of experts takes things in their own hands to sanitize your daycare centers so that it makes the parents leave behind their kids happily.

  • Retail Store Cleaning

Retail store or a huge shopping store would include numerous nooks and corners and areas that would require constant cleaning and maintenance on daily basis, something that won’t be possible by the owner himself or the staff. Hiring the team of professionals from Service Pro would mean that the store would be cleaned in a way that would make the whole center ooze a welcoming feel.

  • Medical cleaning

Having patients all day long makes hospitals and clinics places with dangerous bacteria and viruses. Understanding the importance of these places to be clean, we offer 100% disinfectant chemical removal of bacteria and viruses.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Apart from steam cleaning that has been a conventional approach for carpet cleaning, we also offer pocket-friendly mild cleaning services that take less time for drying and smell equally good.

Reliable, professional and impeccable are the pillars defining the quality of our services. Working passionately to prove of offering the best cleaning services in Alberta, our equipments are close to the green concepts and are environment-friendly.

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