How To Maintain Carpet

How To Maintain Carpet

Carpet steam cleaning :  Hi My name is kevin to certified carpet cleaner carpet steam cleaning procudure to Carpet

Type: Olefin

Olefin carpeting is extremely water resistant and not as resilient as other styles making
it prone to crushing/matting (traffic patterns). Olefin attracts oils very easily which can
require repeated cleanings if located in a waiting room or door where a parking lot is

Conditions: Couple drink spills in main waiting area, overall appearance is average for
age of carpet. During inspection noticed a couple areas by the reception desk where the
carpet frayed and needs to be clipped.
Main office- no stains, a traffic pattern is present in the area in front of the restroom.
Detail vacuuming in corners and along edges is recommended to remove dust build up.

– Detail vacuuming along edges and in corners.
-Power scrub using a carpet scrubber and olefin pre-conditioner
-Clip frayed/loose fibers in waiting area
– Steam Clean using a van based heavy duty extraction system
– Apply an encapsulation treatment to prevent spills from coming back and provide
some protection

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