How To Increase Your Restaurant’s Business During COVID-19

When the government banned on dine-in restaurants, the restaurant industry was one of the first economic activities affected by the novel coronavirus.

Now, as things begin to get back on track, here are some ways you can increase your restaurant’s business:

  1. Cater To Smaller Groups 

Due to the several SOPs set in place, it’s best to offer your services to small groups. This helps maintain distance, and you can focus on creating a stellar customer experience. Age-old wisdom tells us that it’s always better to excel in one field than get a below-average in many.

This applies to your customers as well. If you divert your attention to one group at a time, they will most likely leave positive reviews about your place and increase your customer base.

  • Go Online 

At first, millennials and Gen Z were ruling social media, but now baby boomers are making an entrance as social mediais the only form of communication amid lockdowns and social distancing. As a restaurant owner, you should take advantage of this and boost your business online. This is a cost-effective method of marketing your services and products to millions of people.

Online marketing can be extremely influential in terms of a consumer’s purchasing decision. Research shows that consumers tend to view companies negatively if they can’t find them online.

  • Work On Your Menu

Now that there might be several timing restrictions, you’ll want to cater to as many customers as possible. But, with the small group rule in place, how can you do this?

Well, for starters, we suggest streamlining your menu. Offering over 50 dishes can increase the ordering, preparing, and waiting time for each group. Go through your menu and pick up the ten best dishes that you know will sell well. This way, customers don’t waste time choosing, and your cooks are well prepared for each dish.

Another way to speed up time and increase efficiency is by offering an online menu. Paper menus can increase the risk of virus transmission. Stick a barcode on the table that can be scanned by customers so they can access the menu on their phones.

  • Ensure Cleanliness and Sanitation 

If a customer makes an effort to visit your restaurant amid a pandemic, this means they trust your services and your efforts to ensure cleanliness. It’s essential to get a regular deep clean so that every nook and corner of your place is safe and virus-free.

Be sure to follow all SOPs while cooking and serving the meal. If customers are satisfied with your sanitation methods, they’ll post a positive review online, which will, in turn, generate more customers.

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