3 Benefits Of Striping And Waxing Your Floors – What To Know

Flooring plays a pivotal role in the aesthetic of your home or business – be it hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and more. It can make or mar the visual appeal and functionality of space in more ways than one, though its maintenance is easy to overlook.

Floors are constantly exposed to abuse as it receives plenty of foot traffic – staining it with dirt, debris, and other damaging elements that can take a toll on its quality sooner or later. That’s why caring for your flooring matters more than you think, especially if you want to avoid unsightly marks and increase its longevity.

Hiring professionals to strip and wax your floors can do wonders in bringing back the shine to an otherwise, dull flooring. With that in mind, the list below should clue you in on the importance of keeping your floors spick-and-span:

Benefit #1: Stripping And Waxing Protects Your Floor From Scruffs And Scratches

Seeing as floors receive heavy foot traffic daily, there’s a high chance of it developing scratches due to the debris, sand, salt, and other dirt that can scruff the material’s surface. This creates small scratches, which can eventually give your flooring a worn-out look over time.

The dull and tired look can compromise its cosmetic appeal, which is crucial when setting a good impression in professional settings. In that regard, regularly waxing or stripping the floor can help protect it against potential nicks, making it possible to walk on floors that look good as new.

Benefit #2: Stripping And Waxing Prevents Discoloration

Some floors lose their colour over time, while others can look worn out due to stains and discoloration. This is because its continuous exposure to dirt or debris can alter its appearance, giving it unsightly stains that hide its previous vibrance.

Unlike carpets, stains in your flooring cannot be removed, which forces you to change the tiles, floorboards, or cover it up using rugs. Waxing helps avoid this expensive problem as the solvents from the wax eventually harden, creating a protective seal that increases your floor’s stain resistance.

Benefit #3: Stripping And Waxing Prevents The Floor From Trapping Moisture

Moisture can invite trouble for your flooring as it invites mould growth, in addition to discoloration, wood rot, and other factors that speed up its deterioration. This can create a hazard to those walking on it, which is why regular waxing and stripping is critical to ensure its integrity remains intact.

The same protective seal from the wax solvent enhances the floor’s water resistance, preventing it from absorbing excess moisture in addition to improving its lustre.

The Bottom Line: The Importance Of Stripping And Waxing Your Floors

Good, well-maintained floors can contribute to a safe and healthy environment – be it in your home or office. Regular cleaning, waxing, and stripping are crucial if you want to preserve its appearance and extend its lifespan.

If you’re looking to bring back the lustre on your floors, get in touch with us! We’re a professional cleaning service company in Calgary that offers various cleaning services.

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