What Is The Difference Between A Cleaning Service And A Janitorial Service?

What Is The Difference Between A Cleaning Service And A Janitorial Service

When it comes to picking the right cleaning company, there are plenty of options to choose from. The decision isn’t always easy, and factors like price, location and reputation can make your choice even tougher.

When you need expert assistance in cleaning the office or your home, there are two main options available to you – you can use a cleaning service or janitorial service. What’s the difference between these two?

This article will explain the meaning of these two services and the key differences between these two cleaning services so that you can better determine which type of service is right for your needs.


Cleaning Services

A cleaning service is focused on helping you maintain your property and keep it in pristine condition. Cleaning services typically offer routine visits, deep cleans, and specialty work such as:

  • Carpet or upholstery cleaning
  • Tile & grout cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Power washing
  • Window cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning


Janitorial Services

Janitorial services are much more focused on taking care of the day-to-day needs of your business. These include things like:

  • Emptying trash cans
  • Mopping floors
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Unclogging toilets.
  • Dusting


Major Difference between Cleaning services & Janitorial Service

Cleaning services and janitorial services are often thought of as the same thing, but there are a few key differences you should be aware of if you’re looking to hire one.

Services Offered

The main difference between cleaning services and janitorial services is that cleaning services generally focus on deep-cleaning, while janitorial service providers usually focus on more frequent light cleaning. This distinction can come in handy when deciding how often you want your space cleaned and what needs to be done.


Cleaning services typically cost less than janitorial services because they are less labor-intensive. In addition, cleaning services usually only require one visit per month, while janitorial services are usually required every day or two. As such, cleaning services do not require as much time commitment from the customer.

Ideal for

A janitorial service is typically used for commercial buildings, while a cleaning service can be used for both commercial and residential buildings. Cleaning Services are often confused with Janitorial Services, but they’re not the same.

A Cleaning Service cleans homes or offices to improve their appearance. A Janitorial Service, on the other hand, provides a range of services such as vacuuming carpets, dusting furniture and fixtures, changing light bulbs, emptying wastebaskets, polishing furniture, etc.



A cleaning service will clean your premises, as well as providing disinfection of hard surfaces, floors and other surfaces. A janitorial service is similar, but focuses more on areas that are affected by dust and debris. More importantly, a janitorial service is usually used if you have a large area to cover. If you’re looking for janitorial services in Calgary, reach out to us for professional and affordable services.

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