Spotless: The Key To A Clean Office Restroom

Sparkling clean restrooms leave a positive impact on visitors and employees. Poorly maintained restrooms, on the other hand, say a lot about a company’s work culture and management. Maintaining a clean restroom should be a priority, as a company’s reputation is dependent on it.

Management needs to reinforce procedures that allow cleaners to complete their tasks effectively. Keeping track of their duties is also a part of the management’s duties. Given below are some signs of a filthy bathroom.

  • Filthy and wet floors
  • Smudges and smears on the mirror.
  • Unpleasant odors coming from the bathrooms
  • Overflowing trash cans
  • Mold and mildew buildup on the shanks
  • Empty soap containers
  • No sanitizer or liquid soap
  • Low water pressure
  • Broken flush

The Impact Of A Dirty Restroom

There’s no better way to put a client off than with a filthy bathroom; the same goes for retaining employees. Filthy restrooms compel employees to spread bad reviews throughout social media. This can adversely impact the reputation of your firm.

Apart from negative word of mouth, filthy bathrooms pose a serious threat to employees’ well-being. According to a study, 77,000 different types of bacteria were found in just three to four bathrooms at a workplace. These bacteria are serious health hazards.

In addition to posing serious health hazards, unclogged toilets, and broken tiles or mirrors can increase costs if not kept in check. Moreover, poorly maintained floors may need urgent replacement too. Reach out to professional commercial cleaning services for this purpose.

How To Keep Restrooms Clean

Regular Checks

One way of maintaining overall cleanliness at the workplace is to maintain regular checks to make sure everything is running smoothly. The toilets shouldn’t be clogged, the water pressure should be fine, and the soap dispensers should be fully stocked. Make these regular checks a part of the cleaning staff’s daily routine.

Use Effective Cleaning Products

Sometimes, cleaning staff lacks the knowledge to know which cleaning product to use and where. Educate them on the different types of cleaning products and their purposes. Demonstrate their uses. Moreover, close the toilets to the public for an hour every day so your cleaning staff can give them a quick clean once or twice a day.

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning must be carried out once every two weeks. Get your cleaning staff to dust the ceilings, fans, door frames, and the corners to get rid of any spider webs. Scrub the floors with waxing machines to give them a shine. Lastly, repair all damaged and wrecked tiles, mirrors and other fixtures.

Seek professional help from commercial cleaning services such as Service Pro, in Calgary CA. You can trust our experts to perform all sorts of cleaning activities. With modern cleaning techniques and effective cleaning tools, we will leave your restroom spick and span in no time, and at affordable rates. Contact us today to find out more.

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