How Often Should You Strip and Wax a Floor?

Strip and Wax Floor Cleaning Services

If you want your floors to look beautiful and durable for a long time, then strip and wax floor cleaning services are very important. This is usually done by floor refinishing services to improve the look and durability of your floor. But how often should your floor be waxed and stripped? Let’s find out the answer to this interesting question.

Strip and Wax a Floor: What Does It Mean?

Let us first understand this floor care procedure. Strip and Wax is an effective floor care program for all types of flooring. There are normally two main steps in this process:

1. Stripping:

The first step is to eliminate the old finish or wax from the floor’s surface. This is done with a specialized chemical stripper that breaks down the old finish and any accumulated dirt.

2. Waxing:

Once the stripping is done, a new layer of wax is applied to the freshly cleaned floor. This wax improves the shine of the floor and protects it from everyday wear and tear.

How Often Should the Floor Stripping and Waxing Be Done?

Let’s move on to the original question – How often should you strip and wax your floor? To answer this question, you will need to first find out the following:

How Many People Use the Floor?

If a lot of people walk on the floor, then you would need strip and wax floor cleaning services more frequently. Places like companies might need it every three to six months, whereas homes can go without it for one to two years.

How Does Your Floor Look?

You can use the way your floor looks as an indicator. If your floor has started looking dull with scratches or discoloration, it’s time to strip and wax it. This gives the floor a new look and also helps prevent further damage.

What Type of Flooring Do You Have?

Different types of flooring materials have different maintenance needs. For example, vinyl floors are stronger and might need fewer strip and wax treatments than linoleum.

What Is Your Budget?

The frequency of your maintenance depends on your budget. Although stripping and waxing can be an affordable floor care program, if you can’t afford it at the time, you can postpone it until you can.

What Is the Environment Like?

The wear and tear on your floor can be affected by the environment. If your floor is always exposed to extreme conditions such as humidity or harsh chemicals, it might require a more frequent floor care program.

Final Thought

How often you need strip and wax floor cleaning services depends on many different factors, as mentioned above. If you find that your flooring needs repairs, you can first consider floor refinishing services to get them fixed, and then move on to strip and wax floor cleaning services.

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