Cleaning for Health: How to Ensure Your Space is Both Clean and Sanitized

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Maintaining a clean and healthy atmosphere is essential for the inhabitants’ general health and well-being as well as for aesthetic reasons. Although it’s a wonderful start, routine cleaning is insufficient. Going above and beyond simple cleaning to ensure that your environment is adequately sanitized is crucial in today’s world when viruses and bacteria are continuously changing. In this blog, we will discuss how to clean and sanitize your space for optimal health and safety.

How do you clean?

Removing dirt, dust, and debris from a surface is the act of cleaning. A cleaning solution, water, and cleaning equipment like a mop or towel are commonly used to do this. Maintaining a clean environment requires regular cleaning and preventing the spread of germs and bacteria.

What is sanitation?

Reducing the number of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens on a surface to a safe level is the process of sanitizing. Usually, a chemical agent that destroys or neutralizes dangerous bacteria is used to do this. Sanitation is crucial because it helps stop the spread of contagious illnesses and diseases.

How do Cleaning and Sanitizing Differ?

Despite the fact that cleaning and sanitizing are two distinct processes, they are sometimes used synonymously. Cleaning, as was already established, is the act of removing dirt and debris from a surface. Contrarily, sanitizing is the process of lowering the number of dangerous germs on a surface. It’s important to note that cleaning alone does not sanitize a surface, and sanitizing alone does not clean a surface.

Healthiest Cleaning Practices

Let’s talk about some recommended practices for cleaning and sanitizing your space now that we understand how important it is for our health:

Use the right cleaning products and tools

Effective cleaning and sanitizing depend on the use of the proper cleaning supplies and equipment. Use cleaning supplies that are intended exclusively for the surfaces you are cleaning, and use them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Use cleaning supplies like microfiber cloths and mop heads as well, which are better at catching dirt and debris than conventional cleaning supplies.

Clean high-touch surfaces regularly

High-touch areas need to be cleaned and sanitized frequently, including doorknobs, light switches, and counters. These areas are often handled and more likely to contain hazardous germs, making them popular sites for infection.

Apply the right cleaning and sanitizing techniques

To make sure that your room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, follow the correct cleaning and sanitizing processes. This entails utilizing the proper supplies and equipment, adhering to the exact dilution ratios, and letting the cleaning agent sit for the advised period of time before wiping it away.

Make use of PPE (personal protective equipment)

When cleaning and sanitizing, personal protection equipment, such as gloves and masks, should be worn to prevent exposure to dangerous chemicals and bacteria.

Educate the staff and the residents

Inform both employees and residents of the value of keeping a clean and safe environment. Encourage them to frequently clean and sanitize their individual workspaces and instruct them in proper cleaning and sanitizing techniques.

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