5 Safety Considerations To Keep In Mind Before A Power Wash

It’s that time of the year again when ice thaws and defrosts and exposes whatever was hiding. In some cases, it lets reveals all the accumulated dirt. Luckily, we have spring cleaning and post-holiday clean-ups to look forward to.

From DIYS to self-cleaning agents, everyone’s looking for the best cleaning product to make sure their environment is spotless and shining. Power washing is a new cleaning technique that’s all the rage these days! Although similar to a garden hose, it actually has 80 times the power, making it a quick and powerful solution.

Power Washing

Power washing refers to the use of spraying water to remove excessive paint, mold, algae, dirt, and other growth from various surfaces. Usually, these overgrowths are found on fences, driveways, patios and buildings. Power washing uses high-pressured heated water to get rid of stubborn dirt and debris.

Safety Considerations To Keep In Mind Before A Power Wash

Here are 6 things to keep in mind before you power-wash anything:

1.      Size Of The Surface

Power wash hoses use a lot of pressure and offer effective deep-cleaning. It’s the reason why they’re suited for larger surfaces such as driveways instead of cleaning home rugs and carpets.

2.      Type Of Surface

Every surface requires different techniques, nozzle sizes, pressure, and even different chemicals. So it’s important to ascertain whether you’re cleaning a surface which has a lot of salt, mildew, or moss.

3.      Time Of Year

Avoid using a power wash during the winter seasons. That’s because water that enters into cracks and crevices can freeze and expand, damaging everything you’ve cleaned.

4.      Don’t:

  • Spray a power washer at electric outlets or any other electrical equipment.
  • Spraying at another person—even as a joke; it can seriously injure them
  • Wash your way up as it may cascade the dirty water onto the cleaned areas

5.      Do:

  • Start with a low setting to get a hold of the spray
  • Use personal protective equipment to avoid injury to your face
  • Make sure the correct nozzle is being used for different surfaces such as dirt, algae, and sidewalks.
  • Remember to adhere to safety standards and operating procedures

It’s always best to leave it to a professional to ensure safety. Learn more about our power-washing specialty. We also specialize in commercial cleaning, condo cleaningwindows cleaning, and industry cleaning for all your cleaning needs!

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