4 Reasons Why Clean Bathrooms Are Essential To The Office

In today’s age, hygiene and cleanliness are important factors in maintaining an area, especially when it comes to offices in Canada. The amount of foot traffic any commercial space sees is always tremendous, which is why regular commercial cleaning services in Calgary is a good option to invest in.

For a majority of adults, the office is where they spend the majority of their day, almost making it a second home to them. Just as with your home, cleanliness must be maintained for sanity and sanitation, as living in squalor affects both health and overall morale.

To cement this point, here are several reasons why having clean and sanitized bathrooms are essential to an office space.

For Better Health

Hygiene is directly related to health, which is incredibly relevant now more than ever, with the threat of COVID-19 hanging around the vicinity. Aside from sanitizing the highly used common rooms, ensuring the sanitation of your bathroom is also crucial.

An office bathroom is visited by almost all employees at least once a day, thus making it the prime spot for bacteria and germ promulgation. Beyond that, it’s a place where people expel bodily waste—another major factor that contributes to the mess, bacteria, and germs in a bathroom. If the germs won’t make you sick, then maybe the smell of a messy bathroom will.

For Maintaining Happiness

Neat and tidy office spaces make for clearer heads and more efficient working. Cleanliness symbolizes order, and orderly office space is calming to the minds of the employees inside of it. Nothing can destabilize the mood as easily as a mess does, which is why regular commercial cleaning is necessary.

While clean bathrooms won’t instantly make a person happy, it will at least help maintain a good mood better than how a dirty and smelly bathroom can disrupt it. More often than not, foul bathrooms give employees a bad vibe, demoralizing them and lowering their work efficiency.

For Keeping A Good Image

Office space bathrooms aren’t just used by employees, but they can also be accessed by visitors and applicants as well. A business with a good office record and monthly stats make for good branding, but a dirty bathroom space will definitely mar that hard-worked branding effort.

It is these little signs that tell outsiders just how much you value your employees and your surroundings—which does not bode well with a foul-looking office bathroom. A clean bathroom may not immediately be noticed by the random passer-by, but applicants and executives wild definitely take note and appreciate such things.

For Minimizing Costs

Cleaning processes are part of regular maintenance. Regular cleaning can expose growing issues, allowing it to be resolved before it manifests—small cracks, minor leaks, and fungal growth are just among some of these possible issues. While hiring a business cleaning service can be a bit of an expense, this will actually help minimize repair costs in the long run.


While your office bathrooms may be the last thing on your mind at any day, finding it dirty can just as easily make it the worst part of your day. By having it regularly cleaned by a professional service, you don’t just get to ease your mind about it, but you’ll also assure others that it’s sanitized and comfortable to be in.

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