3 Tips For Disinfecting Fitness Facilities

Businesses are reopening and embracing a changed world after the COVID-19 outbreak. Businesses must consider numerous health and safety aspect before resuming operations. This is essential to both the customers and the staff members.

Fitness facilities are often a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses because of sweat, sebum, and humidity. For this reason, it is vital to put disinfecting procedures in place. The following are some tips that will come in handy while disinfecting your fitness facility:

Policies That Shape Cleanliness

A gym will only run smoothly post-pandemic if the clients are happy, healthy, and safe with your organized cleanliness policies. You need to use schedules and train your employees to properly disinfect the place so that all the classes can run safely and on time. You need to prepare the employees on how to sanitize the fitness facilities and disseminate duties accordingly.

Disinfect The Gym Equipment

Even one-time use of gym equipment can leave behind sweat and plenty of germs. You should wipe it all clean before another member can use it. Since it might be inefficient for the staff to clean the equipment, you can ask the members to disinfect the equipment before and after using it.

To ensure that they follow your instructions, you can leave the disinfectant wipes, sprays, and fresh towels within reach so that they don’t have an excuse for not doing it.

You also need to make resources available for members to take care of their hygiene. You need to have hand sanitizer stations throughout the gym so people can clean their hands at intervals.

Disinfect High-Contact Areas Daily

Areas that receive the most traffic and are touched frequently must be disinfected and cleaned daily, while used gym equipment should be cleaned multiple times a day. Surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, handles, weights, barbells, stability balls, foam rollers, rubber flooring, and any other surface should also be wiped down and sprayed with a disinfectant.

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