3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Service

After quite some time in business, chances are that you’ll begin noticing that your office or facility isn’t as sparkly or clean as it used to be.

With the walls growing a bit more grey and grime becoming harder to remove, you should start considering whether or not it’s time to get a commercial cleaner to handle the job. However, before you call a local expert, it’s essential to ensure that you’re choosing the right professional for the job. Seeing that the average commercial cleaning service can be costly, it’s vital to ensure that you’re ending up with the right crew that best suits your facility and business needs. This is because working with the wrong service can potentially leave your workplace in a worse condition than it was before.

Questions To Ask Yourself (And Factors To Consider)

With spring cleaning season around the corner and concerns over workplace cleanliness growing every year, it’s clear that now is the time to start contacting your local service provider. Nevertheless, there are a few questions that you should consider first, such as the following:

Do They Hire Staff Properly And Provide The Right Training?

Commercial cleaning—as opposed to any other professional of similar nature—is a field that entails undergoing a copious amount of training to ensure that customers precisely get what they need.

When you get in touch with a professional commercial cleaning service, they should be able to discuss how they hire their staff and evaluate their employees throughout the management process. If they say anything along the lines of OSHA procedures, proper formal training, and background checks, it’s safe to say that you’ll be in good hands.

How’s Their Experience?

Beyond certifications, another vital factor that paints a clearer picture of any commercial cleaner’s capabilities is the experience that a service provider has behind them, especially when it comes to experience in your industry.

Each facility comes with its own set of nuances that call for a proper amount of training in serving such areas. You won’t have to worry about any unexpected breakages or slip-ups during the service by an expert who is specially trained in handling the exact environment of your office or facility.

Do They Practice Eco-Friendly Cleaning Techniques?

Today, many Canadian companies are under increasing pressure to be as eco-friendly as possible in anything that they do, which includes their cleaning!

Among all the different factors that you’ll have to watch out for, it’s crucial to ensure that your chosen service provider carries out their services in the greenest way possible. Calgary’s Services Pro, for instance, follows a sustainable approach in keeping facilities clean and environmentally-friendly by minimizing the use of harmful chemicals and ensuring safer practices!


When it comes to finding the right commercial cleaning service provider that best suits your company or facility’s needs, you must consider all the right factors before making a call. By taking the three questions above to mind when canvassing over your potential options, you’ll end up with the right commercial cleaning service provider at the right price!

We offer professional commercial cleaning services in Calgary that cover various facilities and offices. Schedule an appointment with us today to see how we can keep your business space sparkling at all times!

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