Keeping Your Restaurant Clean: Why Is It So Important?

After food taste and quality, hygiene is the most crucial aspect of running a successful restaurant. Your diners expect perfect ambiance and courteous staff, coupled with pristine dining tables, cutlery, and restrooms.

An unclean restaurant is more hazardous than you think; apart from the dangers of spreading food- and water-borne diseases, a dirty restaurant invites germs, microbes, rodents, and pests that may even lead to the complete failure of the business.

An adequate sanitation and cleaning program is the only way to keep your restaurant up and running—especially amidst the coronavirus pandemic. It attracts more customers, enhances your restaurant’s aesthetic & ambiance, and ensures a positive reputation in the industry.

In this blog, we discuss four main reasons why you need to keep your restaurant clean and tidy.

Keeps Diseases And Contamination At Bay

More than four million Canadians suffer from food poisoning each year—with symptoms like vomiting, nausea, fever, stomach ache, or even severe diarrhea. While most patients recover quickly with proper medication and care, others may face severe complications, including death.

A lot of these cases arise after people consume unhygienic, contaminated food at restaurants. And we know you don’t want your restaurant to be one of them! Therefore, don’t compromise on a routinely cleaning schedule, including sanitizing and cleaning everything from stoves, utensils, cutlery, counter-tops, table cloth, appliances, grocery bags, etc.

 Avoids Penalization

The Canadian government heavily emphasizes the significance of robust hygiene practices in restaurants. The three organizations under the Canadian Ministry of Health responsible for effective implementation of safety guidelines in the restaurants are:

  1. Health Canada: Develops nutrition and food safety policies, assesses risks, and promotes initiatives like Canada’s Food Guide.
  2. The CFIA- Canadian Food Inspection Authority: Outlines guidelines for food supply in public eateries and verifies the industry compliance of food safety requirements.
  3. The Public Health Agency of Canada: Conducts routine inspection and surveillance in restaurants and educates the public about outbreaks and contamination.

You could incur hefty penalties if any of these organizations—along with municipal, provincial, or regional authorities—suspect improper handling of food or sanitary practices at your restaurant.

Reduces Workload

A clean restaurant reduces the workload on your chefs and managerial staff. The best way to ensure optimum cleanliness at your eatery is by hiring professional restaurant cleaning personnel who can help your stay carefree and peaceful. Moreover, a clean and tidy kitchen and interior will keep employees motivated and focused on providing exemplary customer service to diners.

How Can We Help You?

We, at Service Pro Inc., offer quality and affordable restaurant cleaning services that’ll give you the utmost peace of mind. Our skilled personnel will ensure the cleanliness of your restaurant’s kitchen to its dining area.

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