Achoo, Achoo, We All Fall Down! Maintaining Hygiene At A Daycare During Peak Flu Season

A daycare is a place where parents leave their children with the surety that they’ll be taken care of as they go about their daily schedules. The quality of a daycare center’s services and the enthusiastic and friendly vibe of the place may be key motivators for parents, but cleanliness plays a pivotal role for them as well.

Past research has found that children under the age of five are more vulnerable to suffering from flu-related conditions. Nobody wants to leave their children in an unhygienic daycare center, and when its peak flu season, they want to make sure their children are safe from getting affected by it.

Although protective measures like flu vaccines may help, don’t underestimate the importance of a hygienic daycare facility. Below we will discuss the importance of maintaining hygiene at a daycare during peak flu season:

Keeping All Hands Clean

The first obvious step to maintaining hygiene at a daycare during peak flu season would be to ensure none of the employees are suffering from the flu themselves.

Another step would be to make sure employees wash their hands regularly before coming into contact with children. There must be a sink in every room and hand sanitizers should be available throughout the facility.

Past research has found that dirty hands can transfer germs and bacteria, and children can be vulnerable to getting infections. During flu season, this is even more important because if employees use public transport or other facilities to get to work, they are more than likely to carry external flu-related germs.

Make The Toys Germ-Free

A good daycare facility needs to ensure they clean and sanitize all toys in the center at least once a day. This is incredibly critical in a childcare setting, as toys typically come into contact with a child’s hand and mouth repeatedly throughout the day.

Not only does this transfer germs, it also spreads pathogens. Therefore, make sure the toys are cleaned thoroughly and are carefully sanitized before coming into contact with children.

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

It is important for a daycare center to have a strict policy in place not to allow sick children in the facility. Not only will this put other children at a lesser risk from getting the flu, but it will also give their parents peace of mind.

Children should also be taught the importance of hygiene first-hand and taught proper handwashing techniques. This will eradicate their chances of getting germs as their personal habits play a great role in ensuring their health!

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