A server room is arguably the most critical area of any business—particularly those operating in the IT industry.

Customers and employees are heavily dependent upon the server room’s performance to sustain their operations and continue providing services.

As a result, any downtime or disruption can lead to a big disaster. You must ensure that you put great emphasis on its safety, security, and most importantly, its cleanliness.

Dust and debris can prove to be detrimental for the hardware installed in your server room. Therefore, you should keep your server room in an immaculate condition.  

Here are some key reasons that you must ensure that your office’s server room remains spotless.

Better Performance

Data centers usually operate continuously, and the room’s ventilation is always working to maintain the optimal temperature of the equipment. Dust that is present in the enclosed environment gets drawn into the equipment during this process.

This can potentially lead to an accumulation of dust, which reduces natural heat transfer and decreases the machine’s performance. Therefore, equipment installed in a dirty server room is more prone to overheating and breakdowns.

Longevity of Equipment

The buildup of dust particles not only reduces the performance of the equipment but also lessens its lifecycle. As dust and debris are highly corrosive in nature, they corrode and disintegrate internal components—circuits, in particular—over time.

Therefore, maintaining a clean server room can save you from the extensive costs associated with capital investment in new equipment.

Reduced Downtime

Statistics show that data center downtime costs business an average of $5,600 per minute due to loss of productivity, revenue, and costs associated with repairs.

When machines require extensive repairs or replacement, it can lead to lengthy delays and prolonged downtimes.

Luckily, you can save thousands—or even millions—of dollars in quantifiable costs by keeping your server room in an immaculate condition.

In addition to that, keeping your server room clean will also help you realize non-tangible benefits such as increased customer loyalty and improved brand reputation

Avoid Rodents

It may come off as a surprise, but rodents are one of the biggest sources of contamination when it comes to server rooms hygiene.

A good example is the datacenter Yahoo—one of the pioneers of early internet era—used, which remained offline for several days due to damage caused by a squirrel.

Therefore, it is pivotal for the safety of your equipment inside the data room to regularly clean the floor area and block any potential entranceways for mice, rats, or other rodents.   

Workplace Safety

Datacenter fires are perhaps the biggest nightmare any IT company can face. The number of cases of fire incidents in a server room is not very high; however, it’s better to take a prudent and practical approach to ensure the safety of your server room.

Dust—in the absence of a proper cleaning schedule—can become statically-charged, and potentially lead to short circuits. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, dust and debris buildup can cause equipment to overheat, which presents another fire hazard.

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