Why Should a Server Room Be Cleaned Regularly?

Why Should a Server Room Be Cleaned Regularly?

Not many people enter the server room. Only IT experts go to the room when there is a problem. Generally, the room stays closed after the setup. Even then it’s said that a server room should be cleaned regularly.

Many people ignore this thinking it’s not necessary. Or, they clean the room once a year or on some special occasions. But, this shouldn’t be done.


Equipment failure– Build up of dust particles on electronic components block airflow, leading to overheating. This damages sensitive equipment as well as causes data loss. Sometimes, poor airflow and excessive heating of the equipment lead to severe dust fires.

Data contamination– When dust particles settle on hard drives and other storage devices, they corrupt the data stored on them. Sometimes, these dust particles get into optical drives and cause read/write errors.

Equipment damage- An unclean server room invites rodents and rats. Even if you try to keep them away, they will enter the room. With their urine and droppings, rodents and rats damage equipment and contaminate.

Decreased performance– Due to dust, servers and other pieces of equipment don’t stay cool. Dust prevents airflow, increasing the temperature of the devices in the server room. This impacts the performance of the organization.

This is why the server room should be cleaned regularly. Not DIY cleaning, but you should hire professional office cleaning services.

How should you prepare your server room for cleaning?

A server room is not like other rooms or corners of your office. They include different types of devices as well as lots of cables. So, you should prepare the room properly before cleaning. Make sure not a single cable gets disturbed while cleaning.

Though professionals where cleaning is required, you should identify the area beforehand as you better know the server room. If there are items in the server room that can be cleaned somewhere, you should remove them. This will increase the cleaning space. Other than this, you should turn off all the equipment in the server room and cover the sensitive equipment with plastic sheeting.

How should you prevent dust in the server room?

Professional office cleaning services are available. With professional cleaners, your server room will be completely clean. But, cleaning the server more than frequently isn’t possible as everything gets turned off. Also, the risk is always high during server room cleaning. So, you should learn tricks to keep dust away from the server room.

First and most important, you should limit the number of people entering the server room. Make sure only authorized people enter the room, and that too, not so frequently. You shouldn’t allow food, drinks, or smoking in the server room. Other than this, the doors and windows should be kept closed.

Hire professional office cleaning services 

Professional office cleaning services have many benefits. Professional cleaners are well-trained and experienced to clean the server room and do the job right. Most importantly, they have access to commercial-grade cleaning equipment, which isn’t available generally.

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