Commercial cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a profitable business. It affects the health of your employees and portrays a positive image of the company. However, the chemicals used to clean your office are equally as important as the process itself.

We assume they’re safe and effective but there are a number of toxins hidden in many popular cleaning products. Such harsh chemicals can be dangerous to human health and increase the risk of allergies and other respiratory diseases

A great solution to go green is to avoid hazardous chemicals when it comes to commercial cleaning. Switching to eco-friendly products will ensure safety and improve the health of your employees. Let’s take a look at how green cleaning solutions can be beneficial for your business.

Healthier workplace:

Non-toxic chemical cleaners can also pose a serious threat to human health. According to a recent report, a chemical called 2-butoxyethanol is present in many “non-toxic” cleaning agents which can cause eye irritations and damaged red blood cells in humans. The strong odors from harsh products also contaminate the air, causing difficulty in breathing and allergies.

Green cleaning reduces the risks of health issues and prevents frequent sick days. They’ll improve the air quality of your office reducing the risk of respiratory irritation. It promotes a toxin-free environment, which boosts productivity and helps your business grow.

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Protects the work area:

Strong chemicals often contain ammonia, bleach and other cruel ingredients that can burn your flooring. They aren’t safe for the infrastructure of your building and cause it to weaken quickly. Your commercial flooring will soon lose its shine. This will also increase the need for frequent renovation and polishing costing your company a fortune every year.

Green cleaning solutions only target dust and debris, leaving your interior as good as new. It also maintains the luster and shine of your floor polish.

Safe environment:

Chemicals used to clean industrial spaces not only pollute your workplace, but also poses a serious threat to the environment. The liquid waste that goes down the drain is often left untreated. This releases harmful gases and forms toxic compounds that are extremely dangerous for our ecosystem and can destroy wildlife and plants. Most of these compounds are complex and therefore, are unable to break down into simpler elements.

Cleaning agents that are close to green products are biodegradable. Switching to green methods will decrease environmental pollution, keeping our plants and aquatic life safe.


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