What You Shouldn’t Believe About Window Cleaning?

What You Shouldn’t Believe About Window Cleaning

For happy employees and increased productivity, window cleaning is an important factor. But, many business owners fail to consider it. And if someone considers, they forget to include window cleaning in their regular cleaning schedule. They rarely ask the cleaners to clean the windows. This is all because of some misconceptions in their minds. Without knowing the fact, they follow the herd and harm themselves and the people associated with them.

If you are a business owner, you should be very particular about window cleaning services. This is for your betterment. Most importantly, you shouldn’t believe the following misconceptions associated with window cleaning.

Window cleaning in the rain is pointless 

Rain makes windows dirty. This is what many people believe and therefore they don’t clean their windows when it’s raining. But, the fact is that this doesn’t happen in today’s modern windows.

Many modern windows use rain to remove dirt and debris, making the windows a little cleaner. But, the thing is rain cannot remove all the dirt from the windows. There is a buildup of substance mixed with rain, making the window look dirtier. If the windows are cleaned regularly (even in the rain), there will be no build-up of sticky dirt. And thus, the rain will simply wash the windows.

Dirty windows aren’t easy to spot 

Many business owners take advantage of this. They very well know that no one is going to examine the windows too closely and thus, they will not spot anything. But, when the sun hits the windows, the dirt tends to show up as a haze. If you don’t clean the windows, the dirt will build over time.

Dirty windows aren’t visible but they are very harmful. They block the light from entering, hurting everyone’s health and increasing the energy bills as lights have to be turned on earlier. Regular window cleaning services not only provide health benefits and saves energy but prolong the life of UPVC frames as well.

Newspaper is enough for window cleaning 

If you are using newspapers for window cleaning as they are cost-effective, then you are not right. In some conditions, newspapers are feasible for window cleaning but not always.

The newspaper is thin, which makes it pretty useless for cleaning. It cleans your windows but the impact is not good. The worst thing is that the print from the newspaper discolors the UPVC frames. It’s better to choose modern materials, such as Microfiber cloths for window cleaning, or hire professional window cleaning services.

DIY window cleaning is cheaper 

To save money, you might prefer DIY window cleaning. But, the thing is you are not qualified and equipped with specialized equipment for the same. Things might turn unfavorable for you, making you and your premise suffer in the long term. Chances are that you might have to replace your windows sooner than expected.

Professional window cleaning services are not cheap but they are effective because cleaners are qualified and have all the pieces of specialist equipment. Most importantly, they complete the job safely and to a high standard. Even if windows are hard to reach, cleaners clean them easily and properly.

If you don’t believe these misconceptions, window cleaning services will benefit you in every way.

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