In this day and age, where everyone is pressed for time, the last thing we want to do with our free time (or weekends) is clean.

Sweeping the curtains, dusting the furniture, mopping the floors, vacuuming the carpets, scrubbing the countertops… oh, stahp please!!!

Thankfully, we don’t have to—all hail the house cleaning service companies!

Hiring a house cleaning company has become a norm. Many homeowners prefer hiring a house cleaning company to clean their homes because it’s convenient, and it helps them utilize their free time doing something productive or relaxing. Not to mention, these companies do a much better cleaning job than us. Plus, it’s fairly cheap to hire them.

But hiring a house cleaning service is more than just finding a company that’s willing to vacuum your carpets and dust your furniture; you’ve to consider many factors…

Is the company experienced?

House cleaning may seem like a fairly simple job, but it’s not as simple as it looks, especially if you’re seeking effective and efficient results. That’s where experience comes in.

Can you trust the company?

Remember, when hiring a house cleaning service, you’re letting a stranger into your house. They’ll potentially interact with your children, pets and valuable belongings. You’ll want to ensure you can trust them.

What cleaning products does the company use?

Most house cleaning companies use their own products. It’s important to inquire in advance what type of cleaning products the company will be using and whether the products are non-toxic and safe for use.

How quickly can the company complete the job?

One of the reasons you’re hiring the company is, you want to save your time and get the job done quickly. It would be counterproductive to hire a company that takes time cleaning the house.

Is the cleaning staff insured?

Accidents can happen. For instance, the cleaning staff may get injured while trying to reach for the ceiling fan or the top shelves. You could be held liable for the injury. Make sure the cleaning staff is insured by the company.

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