Tips For Reopening Childcare Centers Safely

Daycare centers are the perfect place for your little ones to frolic around,play and learn while still under adult supervision. Children learn best when they’re in a friendly, engaging environment, and what better place to be than around other kids?

Unfortunately, most facilities had been closed since the COVID-19 pandemic started. But now, as the rate of infection is going down, it’s becoming safer to open up shop.

Before that, several precautions should be taken, and procedures need to follow. Most importantly, the perimeters of operations need to be cleaned and disinfected correctly by professionals before reopening. Here are some tips that will help you make your daycare center safe and child-friendly again:

Wash Everything Children Come In Contact With

The first thing to do is to wash everything that a child may come in contact with. The good old soap and water combination is applicable here. All the built and debris will be out of there, making it look as good as new. Kitchen utensils, including forks and spoons that the kids may use for their tasty snacks, are a top priority, requiring a thorough rinse after each use.

Disinfect Like Your Life Depends On It—Because It Does.

Disinfect items thoroughly with bleach and water. Toys and bed sheets need to be treated before anyone comes in contact with them. These get passed around so often, so they’re an essential item to cover. Please make sure they are routinely looked after and wiped to be germ-free.

Use Disposable Items

Try to use disposable items, so there is less chance of any reuse causing the spread of germs and other bacteria. Wrap all used items neatly in plastic and throw in a separate trash bin so no one else comes in contact with them by any means.

Other Safety Measures To Follow

  1. Establish proper handwashing facilities before the kids start coming in again. Ample water supply and antibacterial soap or handwash need to be present at all times. It is important that children be trained to wash their hands thoroughly by adults as well.
  2. Equipment such as sanitary wipes, face masks, and first aid kits should be stocked and available in case of emergency.
  3. It should be made mandatory that entry will only be permitted upon wearing a face mask, although children under two years of age are exempted from this. There should also be thermal thermometers to measure body temperature and prohibit those who have a fever or high temperature from entering the premises.

Hire Experienced Professionals For Daycare Cleaning

Hiring experienced professionals is highly recommended. It is essential that every nook and cranny of your daycareis attended to and made completely clean to ensure safety.

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