You might be worried about the potential risks associated with an unhygienic workplace environment, and your concerns are completely valid.

Germs are everywhere at your workplace, and it’s important to understand how they travel around, leading to illnesses and diseases.

Learning about potential unhygienic workplace habits will allow you to adopt good hygiene practices and protect yourself from getting sick. Let’s find out more.

Sneezing without Using a Tissue

Though it’s basic hygiene etiquette, a lot of people do not cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when they sneeze. This can cause germs and bacterial particles to spread around their surroundings.

If a co-worker or another individual comes in contact with these particles, they may develop a respiratory illness. Therefore, it’s important to use a tissue while sneezing, properly dispose of it in a waste basket, and wash your hands with soap and water.

Leaving Your Dirty Dishes in the Sink

A dirty kitchen not only looks unappealing, but it also presents several negative health risks and concerns. Food contamination due to dirty utensils or cutlery can put someone in the hospital due to food poisoning.

Not only does this keep employees away from work and decrease overall productivity, but it will also lead to costly medical expenses—not to mention the pain and suffering employees have to endure.

Hence, it’s always better to keep the kitchen clean by washing dishes in a timely manner and following basic kitchen hygiene practices.

Not Washing Your Hands

As gross and preposterous as it may sound, there are people who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.

The germs that get on to hands after using the restroom—if not washed off—can transfer to several objects, such as doorknobs, mobile phones, the lift button, food and drinks, and even during a handshake, eventually making people sick.

In fact, a person can infect themselves with these germs by touching their eyes, nose, or mouth. That’s why it’s necessary to always wash your hands after using the bathroom.

Leaving Your Desk Unclean

Some people like to take inspiration from Steve Jobs; who used to keep his desk cluttered and messy; however, they confuse the word “cluttered” with “dirty.”

According to a shocking statistic from Dettol, the average work desk is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat, which shows the extent of the danger of maintaining poor hygiene on the desk.

Leaving a desk in a messy and cluttered state is completely fine, but you need to clean it on a regular basis to prevent dust and bacteria from accumulating, which can lead to several diseases.

Eating Food at Your Workstation

You may be tempted to skip a walk to the kitchen or the dining space and eat at your workstation—especially when you have a deadline to meet. However, it is not a healthy activity and must be avoided.

Eating at your desk causes bacteria to buildup because of the food residue; which, consequently, can make you and people around you sick. Furthermore, the smell of your food can distract others and even make them feel uncomfortable, hampering their productivity.

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