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” Being an office manager has been quite challenging for me, and let’s say that Office managers do not get much time to look after office cleanliness. Hiring Service Pro Inc is one of the wisest decisions I have made as a branch office manager. This company is remarkable in its quality of service and detail-oriented performance.” Brian Beckham

“Being a property manager became much simpler and more comfortable for me the moment I hired Service Pro Inc to look after the cleanliness of apartments and condos. I have to say that these guys know exactly what they are doing, and you will love them for that.” Amelia Franklin

Service Pro Inc has offered me with my much-sought peace of mind by taking over the job of cleaning my daycare center.” Michael Hofstader

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Office Deep Cleaning: Why is it Important?

Office Deep Cleaning: Why is it Important?

Office cleaning might not be your biggest priority, but your office is where your employees are spending most of their time—around 8–10 hours per day, on average. An unsanitary workplace could negatively affect you, your employees and your customers, eventually...

Full commercial cleaning service since 2017 in Alberta Canada. Service Pro Inc is the leading cleaning company which is catering to the needs of several businesses all over Alberta.

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