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Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we work on weekends. Service Pro Inc offers flexible cleaning slots which can adjust in compliance with your work schedule. You can pick from the day, evening, night or weekend cleaning slots.

Does your company provide cleaning tools?

Yes, we provide all cleaning equipment and tools. Service Pro Inc’s cleaning services come with following cleaning tools:

  • Cleaning tools.
  • Green and toxic-free cleaning products
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth and tools
  • Commercial grade vacuum cleaners
How safe are your cleaning equipment and material?

Service Pro Inc is cautious in the selection of cleaning tools and material. All our cleaning material is safe for humans as well as for the environment. We use green cleaning tools and materials mostly.

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You can send us an email  or contact us   403 389 4460 ext. 1 on our given numbers to get a cleaning quote.

In which region do you provide services?

Service Pro Inc is currently operating in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia  Canada.

Full commercial cleaning service since 2017 in Alberta Canada. Service Pro Inc is the leading cleaning company which is catering to the needs of several businesses all over Alberta.

1205-800 Yankee Valley Blvd SE Airdrie AB T4A 2L3, Canada

+1 403 389 4460                              

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