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A Definitive Guide on Carpet Cleaning

Carpets add life to a home by adding color, texture, and pattern. However, spills and stains can ruin their entire look and require different cleaning methods than those used for area rugs or wood floors. Regular vacuuming acts as the first defence against grit and...

3 Tips on How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Spotless

For many homes, the kitchen is the most popular room and as such, requires frequent maintenance to keep clean and sparkling. Aside from the embarrassment of having unexpected friends or family come over and be greeted by a messy kitchen, proper and routine maintenance...

The Top Unhygienic Workplace Habits

You might be worried about the potential risks associated with an unhygienic workplace environment, and your concerns are completely valid. Germs are everywhere at your workplace, and it’s important to understand how they travel around, leading to illnesses and...

Why Your Office’s Server Room Needs to Be Spotless

A server room is arguably the most critical area of any business—particularly those operating in the IT industry. Customers and employees are heavily dependent upon the server room’s performance to sustain their operations and continue providing services. As a result,...

Why Salons and Spas Need To Be Spic and Span

Running a hair salon is not an easy job. You have to manage the clients, employees, and deal with the finances. Of course, when you are doing so many things simultaneously, you might struggle with taking out the time to ensure cleanliness in the salon at all times....

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