Medical Facility Cleaning Pin Area

Medical Facility cleaning has Variety of problems to Raise Your Current Services Provider.

Walk in Clinic and Dental Office has most Painful Problems for cleaning everyday

  • High traffic area and touchable Item (handle,door area,table ,chair,sofa) Not Disinfect Everyday
  • Patients room are not clean Properly ( doctor computer dusting,Stool,do not wip Cabinet outside,door Handle)
  • Storage room are not managed Properly to all Janitorial supply
  • No quality Control check each Month and do not make any report to improve next level of services
  • Baseboard Dusting and Windows Seales are not not dust free

Services pro Inc. has Solution  for Medical Facility Manager  and Doctor to work had every day 

  • Service pro provide clean any tochble item clean everyday  to highly Hopital grad Disinfect chemical to approve by health canada standard
  • Patients room are clean Properly,dusting, wipe door handle ,stool,calbient  ,sink to clean Disinfect chemical Proper Standard cleaning procedure to follow up IIRC standard
  • Storage Room has mange every day and supplies are low 20% order new supply or inform to Manager via Our Services pro App .If any issue with your medical facility to fast communicate to medical facility manager via email or app
  • Quality control has over top Priority  to customer satisfaction Our Quality control Procedure has check full quality control each month of 20th to provide medical facility manager scope of work to used technology  to never miss any tasks and make full report to client Portal online last check last 12 month report  any time
  • Baseboard has dusting every 2 week to move light weight item like chair and small table properly

If you need book Your free Assessment  your Medical facility Book Online Appointment      or call us 403 615 8858

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