Not to sound corny or anything but winter is coming (always wanted to say that!) and it’s going to bring a whole new set of problems with it. This also means you will have to put in more effort in order to make sure that your office stays clean.

During winters, grime and slush settle down on the windows and cause damage. In addition to that, since windows are closed throughout the day, there is no ventilation. Hence, the air within the office is also often polluted.

Indoor Air Pollution

This might sound surprising but indoor air is more polluted than the air in the outdoors. Naturally, this means that people are also susceptible to various diseases and ailments.

Some of these include irritation of eyes, nose and throat. In some cases, the problems can be much more severe.

No matter what the case, we can all agree on the fact that this is the last thing that employers need. An unhealthy employee wouldn’t be productive and this will directly affect the company’s performance.

Therefore, it’s essential that you ensure your office stays clean. Let’s take a look at some ways you can ensure this:

Regular Mopping and Dusting

We have already highlighted the importance of controlling the pollutants in the air. The easiest way to do so is to regularly mop and dust the office.

When you mop the furniture, you knock down the dust particles on the floor. These are then vacuumed and removed from the room.

HVAC System

HVAC System

The HVAC System can trap the pathogens and release them in the air again. This leads to indoor pollution. Therefore, we suggest that you pay attention to the condition of the AC ducts and get the filters cleaned on a regular basis.

Clean the Entryways

A wet floor is another problem that you need to address. It’s important to address this issue since employees may slip and get seriously injured. One of the ways in which you can deal with this problem is by using carpets.

But there’s a catch. Carpets need to be cleaned too since they can trap moisture, which can subsequently result in a mold infestation in the building, which is why we suggest you get in touch with a company that offers commercial janitorial services.

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