Workplaces should be kept clean throughout the year for the better health of your employees. Cleaning is even more important when seasons change and winter starts to take over.

Winter brings a predictable increase in the number of cold and flu cases and the sick leave season is at its peak. Studies estimated that sick leaves cost the Canadian economy 16.6 billion dollars. Wow.

In order to reduce the number of sick leaves, it is vital that workplaces are kept as clean and healthy as possible.

Weather can get extreme in Northern America during the colder parts of the year. It can be challenging to maintain cleanliness in the workplace when employees drag in slush and snow into the office. But with some professional help, office cleanliness can be maintained and controlled. If you are looking for professional help to maintain office cleanliness this winter, contact us! Here are reasons why it’s especially important to maintain cleanliness in the workplace during the colder season.

Snow and Slush

A lot of snow and slush is dragged into the office by employees and customers during winter. All kinds of dirt and bacteria come along with the slush and can turn your carpets into a health hazard. The snow, when it melts, makes the carpet damp. Damp carpets are hot spots for black mold and dust mites which can cause respiratory issues such as asthma. The carpets can also get especially dirty during winter and it spoils the look and feel of your office. If you are looking to get your office carpets cleaned, look no further.

Winter Means More Germs

Winter is peak time for cold and flu, as bacteria and viruses are being spread around the workplace. Office epidemics break out easily as the germs are essentially being transferred desk to desk. During winters, an office desk may be carrying more germs than a toilet seat. Computer keyboards are especially offensive in this case as they are home to millions of germs. It is safe to conclude that there is plenty of evidence to indicate that professional cleaning can be vital in winters.

Winter Salts

The municipality often uses rock salts to melt the snow on the streets. This salt gets dragged into the office with the boots of employees and customers. Winter salt deposits can cause destroy your office floor, carpets and furniture. Constantly cleaning off the salt from the floor can be too much to handle for your janitorial staff. Employing professional cleaning service can go a long way in protecting the floors and carpets of your office.


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