Let’s face it: offices can get dirty.

And where routine office cleaning certainly does help get rid of much of the dirt, grime and germs that sit on your office carpets, doors, windows, chairs and desks, it can’t deal with every kind of busy mess out there.

Think about it: When was the last time you cleaned your office’s overhead light fittings while performing a routine cleaning?

Or the keyboards?

Or the printers, phones,draperies,door knobs, elevator buttons,microwave…etc.?

All these things (and areas) are touched by your employees, building staff and visiting clients and customers on a daily basis; they carry germs and bacteria.

Yet, they’re not cleaned as regularly as they should be cleaned.

Routine cleanings are simply not enough on their own to maintain a healthy, productive and clean work environment.

The solution?

That’s just where a deep office cleaning comes in!

What’s a deep office cleaning, you ask?

A deep office cleaning includes every routine (and basic) office cleaning chore and everything beyond…from thorough carpet cleaning, to disinfecting countertops, to cleaning office furniture, bathroom and door knobs.

It’s very much like spring cleaning a home!

Deep office cleaning services are offered by janitorial service companies and are performed by properly trained professionals.

How often should your office have a deep cleaning session?

There is no one answer to this question; the deep cleaning frequency for every business varies depending on the size of the office and the daily foot traffic it receives.

Offices that have few employees and light foot traffic usually need a deep clean once or twice a year. For medium sized (and medium traffic) offices, it’s advisable to hire a deep cleaning service on quarterly basis. Heavy traffic offices may need deep cleaning as frequently as once a month.

What type of office do you run? How much traffic do you receive in a day?

Are you looking for a dependable commercial deep cleaning company for your office?

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