Having a dirty or clean home has implications on the overall health and wellbeing of all the people who live there. Other than just the aesthetic appeal, a clean house has many other significant benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Health Benefits

Here are some of the most important health benefits of undertaking regular cleaning at your home.

Lesser Allergies and Asthma

Regular cleaning removes pet dander, dust mites, and other kinds of allergens from the furniture, carpet, and air in your house. This helps with allergies and asthma, providing relief from their symptoms. Overall air quality is also improved. Having clean air is of great importance, since it directly affects heart health and the health of the respiratory system.

Reduced Amounts of Germs

Germs are at the root of all health problems. Fewer germs mean lesser diseases in the house and an overall healthy environment. Regular use of disinfectants kills up to 98% of germs and promotes a healthy environment.

Reduced Stress

A messy house can increase anxiety and restlessness. A clean and clear home, on the other hand, promotes order, mental discipline and restfulness.

Better Organization

Regular cleaning activities keep everything organized. You get rid of things you don’t need and everything is in its proper place. This way, you don’t keep losing things and find them when they’re needed.

Improved Productivity and Creativity

With a cleaner and more organized home, you can expect productivity and creativity to rise. Better health and organization creates an environment that promotes productivity. Cleaner homes also increase clarity of mind, which is a pre-requisite to creative endeavours.

Better Safety

Cluttered floors can cause children and elderly people to fall and hurt themselves. Cluttering can also lead to children swallowing dangerous things.


Lastly, all cleaning activities are good exercise. In Canada, only 17% percent of the population meets the recommended exercise requirements. Cleaning isn’t the perfect exercise but it certainly is a good opportunity to get off the couch and be a little physical.

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