Healthy, happy and productive employees are essential for a business to flourish. The year 2017 saw a record breaking rise in the number of sick leaves taken by public sector employees. Untidy workplaces could very well be the culprit. Even workplaces that look spotlessly clean could be swarming with germs, bacteria and diseases. The most common health hazard overlooked during office cleaning are the carpets.

It may be hard to believe that dirty carpets could be posing a threat to the health of employees, but you’ll be surprised to know the details.

Did you know that according to studies, your carpets could be four thousand times dirtier than a toilet seat? Most offices regularly get their carpets vacuumed and sure, it makes the carpet look nice and removes majority of the dust. However, just vacuuming will not eliminate the disease causing germs and bacteria that live deep within the carpet. So do not compromise the health of your employees! Contact us to get the carpets of your office cleaned and decontaminated from germs and bacteria.  The bacteria, allergens and pathogens in dirty carpets can cause a number of long-term and short-term health effects. Here are some common ones.


A carpet filled with bacteria and fungi serves as a breeding ground for dust mites. These are microscopic insects that cause allergies such as irritations, inflammation and stuffy nose. The worst thing about dust mites is that even dead ones are equally as dangerous as the ones alive. When dust mites die, their dead bodies remain in the carpet which may cause respiratory issues if inhaled.

Rashes and Fungal Infections

Carpets accumulate dirt, fungi and other microorganisms over time which can lead to a host of skin problems. The most prominent (and disgusting) skin problems include ringworms and athlete’s foot. These problems occur when the parasites enter your body through cuts and cracks in the skin. Most cases initially start off with rashes and itchiness. It is important to note that athlete’s foot is a contagious disease. The chances of these health issues occurring can always be reduced by getting your carpets properly cleaned and sanitized.

Asthma Attacks

Dirty carpets affect the indoor air quality as well, especially if they are damp. This can lead to respiratory problems such as asthma attacks. Dirty carpets can contain asthma attack triggering elements such as dust mites and black mold.

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