No matter how hard you try, carpets get dirty and stained. A carpet may seem spotless, but underneath the exterior lies heaps of dirt and bacteria. There are certain signs that indicate your carpet is due for a cleaning.

Keep them in mind and schedule a deep carpet steam cleaning services.

Signs your carpet is due for cleaning

  • Visible stubborn stains that require covering up require instant stain treatment.
  • A carpet that has skipped one too many annual or biannual cleaning should be immediately scheduled for a cleaning.
  • Carpets start emitting odour, when they are saturated with dust and bacteria. If your office smells musty, get your carpets cleaned.
  • Blatant discoloration means the carpet has been subjected to excessive wear and tear and requires cleaning.
  • An outbreak of sinus infection or other respiratory infections is an indication of air pollution, which can be caused by a soiled or dirty carpet.

So, now that you know about the signs of a dirty carpet, here are the basic dos and don’ts.

Dos of carpet cleaning

Regular vacuuming

The basics of keeping your carpet clean and tidy is to regularly vacuum it. This prevents dust and debris from accumulating within the carpet. The suction of the vacuum provides the carpet’s fibre a through cleaning, which allows it to maintain its structural integrity. Cleaning carpets on a daily basis prevents discoloration and reduces chances of odour formation.

Place mats on entrance

Dirt travels to your carpets with shoes. Place quality mats on all major entrances, to prevent grime, mud, and dust from tagging along with the shoe traffic. Mats should be strategically placed near all high-traffic locations to prevent dirt from reaching the carpets.

Rotate furniture

Does your carpet have deep indentations? Rotate or change your furniture setting to avoid marks and patches.

Move the furniture to clean places that are not visible to the eyes. This way your carpet will not be patchy or discoloured, when you rotate furniture.

The don’ts of carpet cleaningThe way of carpet cleaning

Avoid vacuuming new carpets

It takes several weeks for dirt to settle into a new carpet. New carpets have loose fibres that helps keep the carpet upright. Vacuuming a new carpet flattens it fibre, damaging its aesthetical structure. If a new carpet requires cleaning, use hand sweepers to do the job.

Avoid rubbing stains

Effective and timely stain treatment can save your carpet from a lasting stain, but wrong cleaning techniques can worsen a stain. Remember, always DAB; don’t rub. Soak the stain with a clean rag and then dab it with a cleaning agent. Needless to say, stain cleaning should always be left to commercial cleaning services.

Avoid excessive moisture

Avoid subjecting your carpets to high level of moisture. Carpets soaks up water, which causes fading, mildew and mould formation.

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