No matter what kind of business you’re running, getting your workplace cleaned professionally is crucial to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for your staff and visitors.

With the vast number of industrial and commercial cleaning services available in Calgary, selecting the right service becomes a tricky task. So be sure to ask these important questions from a cleaning service before you choose their service.

What Does Your Cleaning Service Include?

Asking the cleaning service rates is important, but what’s more important is to understand exactly what services they’re charging you for.

Understand fully the extent of the cleaning services they’ll provide. You may have prepared a list of cleaning services you require for your workplace that includes boardrooms, desks, the kitchen area, toilets, windows, etc. During the initial consultation, go over the list to check if the cleaning company will be providing services for all those areas.

A reputable company will go in further detail and even suggest services that you may not have considered or may have forgotten.

Does Your Cleaning Staff Have Experience In My Property Type?

In order to get your commercial or industrial property cleaned thoroughly and efficiently, you need a cleaning company that has prior experience in cleaning similar properties.

Ask the cleaning company about the health and safety procedures and training regimes they follow. Do they know how to professionally clean properties that have special cleanliness requirements, like schools and hospitals?

Can You Work with My Schedule?

Office Cleaning In Winter

Find out if the cleaning service will be able to work around your business schedule and work hours. No matter what kind of facility you run, whether it’s a salon, a gym, a healthcare centre or an office environment, cleaning activities during working hours can become extremely disruptive.

The cleaning staff would be moving furniture and carpets, and using loud machineries, such as vacuums and hoovers. You’ll be frequently required to move out of the way so the cleaning team can do their job efficiently.

It’s crucial for a cleaning company to have flexible hours, so you can resume your daily activities without any disruptions

How Long Have You Been In the Cleaning Business?

It’s better to choose a professional cleaning company with a good track record. The cleaning company should be in the commercial or industrial cleaning business for at least a year. Sufficient experience will give you peace of mind that the cleaning team will provide professional services that are hassle-free for you.  

Asking the right questions before hiring a professional cleaning company for your industrial or commercial facility is integral to ensuring your property is in good hands.

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