3 Factors That Affect The Price Of Professional Disinfecting Services

3 Factors That Affect the Price of Professional Disinfecting Services

Covid-19 is knocking on your door again with its new variant. And the worst thing is that this variant is more dangerous than other variants in the past. So, it’s time to go back to the same routine you followed when Covid-19 came. One of them is regular disinfection of your property. You should hire a professional disinfecting service provider to get the best results as DIY disinfection isn’t very effective.

Now you might be concerned about the cost as it’s an added expense. It’s something that you would have skipped for the past few months when Covid-19 was under control, managing your expenses. But, the thing is professional disinfecting services don’t charge a flat rate. You don’t have to pay the same amount that your neighbors paid for the service. Keep in mind that the price of the service depends on different factors. Of these factors, 3 are the important ones.

Factor number 1: The size and condition of your property 

One of the common factors is the size and condition of the property you are planning to disinfect.

Regarding size, the cost of disinfecting an apartment or condo with one bedroom will be less expensive than disinfecting an office building on site. The square footage of the property matters. Many companies define the per square price and increase the rate accordingly. It means if your property is small, you will have to pay a smaller amount.

Standard disinfection of your property isn’t costly. But, if the condition of your property is poor, it will increase the service cost as the workers have to put in more effort. For example, if your property has mold growth or contamination, the bill will be high as stronger disinfectant solutions will be required.

Factor number 2: The type of disinfection needed

Before we discuss this factor, keep in mind that disinfectants aren’t priced the same. For example, you will need expensive disinfectant for deep cleaning and scrubbing, while cheap disinfectant will work for general disinfecting.

Sometimes, there is a cost difference between the liquid and powder forms of disinfectants. If you are planning to use a liquid solution, this will be more expensive than the powder form because the liquid form is easy to use. It doesn’t need time to dissolve as well as has no side effects. So, you should decide on the type of disinfectant before hiring professional disinfecting services.

Make sure you state your requirements regarding the disinfectant type before the service provider. This will make a major difference in the service cost.

Factor number 3: The location of your property 

With location, many people understand the distance of the property from the service provider. They think if the property is far and the experts have to travel a lot, then the service cost will be high. But, this isn’t a fact.

If your property is located where people live in luxury homes, then the price will be higher as the company charges accordingly. Other than this, the closeness of other customers, employees, or residential properties affects the price. It’s because rent, taxes, and other things are higher in these areas.

If you consider these factors, professional disinfecting services will never be expensive for you.

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